Thursday, June 09, 2005

Gayest Post Ever

Love Is Love Is Love got all bloggy on my ass when I wasn't looking. "L cubed" is Margaret Cho's Marriage Equality Resource Site that I've been pimping on my site for some time now and I was pleased to see that Gary will be contributing to its new bloggy format. He has a great passion for things he believes in and Margaret and Keri showed great foresight in bringing Gary to the team. Kudos to all!

Cul over at Ratboy's Anvil had an interesting post on a recent genetic study concerning gayness and fruit flies:
A couple of things occurred to me while reading the article; firstly, homosexuality is not just about sex, its also about emotional attachments, which makes it harder to assume that a single master gene could influence the entire phenomenon, and secondly, that even if it could be demonstrated in an iron clad manner that homosexuality is genetically rather than "choice" based, the anti-gay moralists and cultural prejudices will not be deterred anymore than they were (or are) for racial prejudices.

For Fruit Flies, Gene Shift Tilts Sex Orientation

And finally, I recently ordered in an adorable children's book called "And Tango Makes Three". The story is all about penguin love and the great hook-up of life and as all the penguins meet their mates, Roy and Silo meet and fall in love with it other, not each others gender, just each other. Once smitten, a relationship developes, homebuilding begins and life seems wonderful except that they can't understand why they don't have an egg in their nest like the other penguins, their nest was no different from any of the other penguins, so what gives? Fortunately, their keeper finds an abandoned egg and puts in Roy and Silo's nest and the guys are so thrilled to have what the other penguins have that they take the best of care with their egg, nurturing it along until it hatches and brings them a beautiful baby girl that they name Tango. The illustrations are as wonderful as the story and I must admit tears of joy squeaked from me eyeballs, oh my! The moral of the story could be argued by some over zealous freakazoids, but what I got from it is that you can't control who your attracted to and sometimes love takes an unconventional shape and the pureness of the shape can at times be a very beautiful thing, after all, love is love is love.