Saturday, June 11, 2005

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale

...A tale of a fateful rift, That started from this blogosphere, Aboard this tiny um, okay not so tiny, blog.
[que blog post--Cupie lights cig, swigs her Apricot Ale and begins her spew]
I believe it all started with the question "where are all the women bloggers?", a perfectly viable question in itself and answered with a force no saline implant could withstand, and it has ended up with the shameless Pie fight ad bullshit. I spent this afternoon at a memorial for a colleagues partner who had recently passed after a five year long struggle with cancer. These women never had the opportunity to marry, because of the law, but I don't think that mattered to them because it was their love of each other that mattered the most. So, this morning when the issue of disrespectful remarks by male bloggers towards the "sanctimonious women's studies set", "the crowd who dares not shave their legs" female bloggers, I was enraged at first and ready to post in a reactionary manner. Ah, but what the wonders of time spent with friends and family can do to temper any fury I had on the issue, what matters most is mutal respect and love and if you were to look in the political bloggyworld, you might see otherwise, but I'm not going to fall for it.

Now that I'm home, spent and a smidge less-bitchy all I have to say about the "Pie fight ad issue", is that its not an issue at all, its a splintering faction that the conservatives will use against the liberals all because some feminists disagreed with a progressive site pimping out Ginger and fucking Mary Ann having a fucking pie fight to sell tbs's shitty show and their dissent gives tbs a shitload of free promotion, duh. Now, I can uderstand some women feeling put off by the ads, but then Mr. Kos didn't help matters in reacting the way he did to the protests; "Whatever. Feel free to be offended. I find such humorless, knee-jerk reactions, to be tedious at best, sanctimonious and arrogant at worst", neato, how very knee-jerky-reactionary of him, a simple "I'm trying to pay the bills, sorry all about it" would have sufficed.

It is the passion in the political realm that keeps me coming back. I make every effort to see things from both sides, but first and foremost I feel there should be some form of respect from the authors that pen the rhetoric, facts and or blog spew. I cannot say this enough and I will say it 'till I'm blue in the face and puking on your shoes. R-E-S-P-E-C-T, hork. There is no rift, it's not the women bloggers, vs. the male bloggers, hell some women bloggers dis on women bloggers, usually they're dissing on the alpha blogger Wonkette, who I hold in the highest regard and yeah, maybe I fantasize about a pie fight with her, but,, I think I just rambled off the subject......oh yeah, a mutal respect from both sides would be appreciated. Liberals should be united, not all bent because some link-whore pissed them off and surly not all pissed because Howard Dean says what we've all been blogging about for years. He's says it unapologetically and matter-of-factly:
"People want us to fight, and we are here to fight," Dean said during a quarterly meeting of the party's 64-member executive committee. "We are not going to lie down in front of the Republican machine anymore."

It is our like mind that unites us; petty bullshit won't make gay marriage reality, pulling hair and pointing fingers won't stop the zealot's from over-turning Roe v. Wade and the blue ball fuckers that dis on the hairy-legged Femme-Nazi's (how's that for over generalizing? And hey, I'll shave my legs when your right nut descends! Better?) will not progress the liberal agenda of a better America for Nancy, may she rest in peace, who couldn't leagally marry her partner of a gazillion years and for EVERYONE, not just the affluent whiteys. There is no rift, there is only disrespect and the selfish matter of taking ourselves too seriously, so snap the fuck out of it people, there is a mission at hand, so lets not fuck it up or they'll eat us alive without the benefit of an orgasm and that in itself is a sin. *giggle-lil'-not much mind you-puke* /spew