Friday, July 15, 2005

"God be with all bookstore employees today."

Couldn't we just use the Patronus charm on Karl Rove and call it a day? No? Alrighty then. Tonight is the night, the gazillion of boxes in my backroom will be ripped open and displayed, children and adults alike will tear the living shit out of my store and we'll reward them with freebee's, treats and fabulous Potteresque shenanigans and then do it over again tomorrow for different people - who will trash the shit out of my little store. I haven't started drooling yet, that's a good sign. The phone rings off the hook, hurried voices asking if we will sell them a book, "please, omg I forgot to reserve it!". Snappy judgmental Christians have had their say as well, "Potter is evil" stated one woman when I asked her if she'll be attending the party and I said "yeah, he's evil and that Wizard of Oz was a shout out from Satan himself". Do not fear the Potter, it's fiction folly folks, no fear.
Reg Grant, professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, has noticed that protests have been muted as the sixth book, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," was readied for release on Saturday. He wasn't surprised to hear that Harry dropped off the top-10 list of the ALA's most protested books last year.

Thank God for that, literally.
- Harry Potter:
A series of books that most people haven't read but don't hesitate to criticize, anyways.
- Albus Dumbledore:
Teenage heart-throb. Dead-ringer for Gandalf the White.

- Sirius Black:
Two words: flying motorbike. Two more words: damn sexy.

[pilfered from the Dizzy one]