Thursday, July 14, 2005

"Talk Show Feng Shui"

As if this constant movement of letters weren't distracting enough, the words "The Daily Show" also continuously radiate forward from the back of the screen in smaller white caps, originating from directly behind Stewart's head. I don't have the graphic-design vocabulary to describe this accurately, but let's just say that you can no longer watch The Daily Show without struggling to block out two constant, and competing, written reminders that you are, indeed, watching The Daily Show. On its own, the continuous blue scroll might have been forgivable, though it does give the studio a more claustrophobic feel than before. But those radiating white caps are just maddening. It's as if Stewart's head is actually producing the letters, like promotional dandruff. Call me obsessive (though I like to think of it as detail-oriented), but the Daily Show is the only unmissable staple in my daily television diet, and looking at those letters every night may seriously compromise my quality of life.

Somebody had to say it. I get physically illDizzy, nauseous and stressed watching the scrolling "Daily Show" behind Jon Stewarts head. A new studio, fabulous; trying to kill people with the new studio, not cool. Last nights show didn't hurt as much, during an interview with Bernard Goldberg there was a static image, whew. What sucked was Goldberg and his book 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America : (and Al Franken Is #37), the problem I have with the book is that Goldberg is doing exactly the same thing that the people in the book are doing talking smack and chippin' away at the moral fabric of America. Sure, some of the people in the book are asschumps, but it is best to lead by example and to call the Hollywood types "Nazi's" as he did on last nights show is so very two months ago. The book profiles celebrities and politicians and their diabolical crusty nature, but only one word can be found under Courtney Love's name; "Ho.". So there you have it, Bernard, you are no better then "them", especially when you play "Stick & Stones" as well as the people who in your opinion are screwing up America, it's more like screwing down America, pigeon-holing works both ways.