Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Turd Blossom & The Half Blood Prince

Ya know wut I'm tawkin' bout, ya know wut I'm sayin'? Yo. So I'm thinking about Rove and what a tremendous manipulating douchetard (one who douches their bung hole vs. their flappy folds and yonder hole)he is and I thought to myself, "myself, why duntcha Google yerself some Turd Blossom or better yet lets break it down and Google what it really is...A Shit Rose...Google that and see what you can get." Uh, okay;
Sexy women shit rose pedals, pee early mornin' dew by Mark Stella

Washington, DC- After a thorough investigation, the Secret Sausage Government has confirmed that sexy women shit rose pedals and pee early mornin' dew.

Since the 1940's, men have always believed that foul odors could never creep out the orifices of something as magnificent as a beautiful woman. Thanks to the latest technologies, drug sniffing cats and bowel fetishists, this once appetizing fantasy is now a fact.

The SSG has not studied these activities in ugly women. However, they are warning men that if it looks and smells fowl in the bowl; that person you thought was a woman could actually be a man.

Good news, if your a sexy woman you'll be shittin' rose petals, however, if your Karl Rove your boss enduringly calls you "Turd Blossom", all silliness aside, a squidgy bit of poo that slipped past the chocolate starfish only to scar your tightie whities with a skidmark of um...MASS not funny at all, kinda. The thing is, you didn't know that your ass was lying to you, you really had to poop, you thought it was only a fart and innocently let it rip, d'oh! There it is, sexy women shit rose petals and geeky "Boy Genius'" are stinky splinters of shit out to contaminate cotton briefs -- a Rove by any other name, would be a Turd Blossom.

3 Days until Harry Potter & The Turd Blossom, or something like that. !!@#@!#%HARRY POTTER!!!#%%$& *twitch* =P

Have a super day! :)