Monday, July 11, 2005

If I told you I had Harry Potter Tourettes, would you believe me?

This is my last day off before the storm, move over hurricane (insert name here), this week Harry Potter & The Halfblood Prince will be released Friday at midnight. I have a wall of boxes in backroom as proof, I have more conference calls pending and decorating to do. It's a strange phenomenon really; an adolescent boy with a broom has our attention this week !#@%*Harry*Potter!!@#$% **twitch**.
When the current generation of Harry Potter readers has grown up, it will look back on the Harry Potter phenomenon with a mixed thrill of intense nostalgia, embarrassment and dismay. Our children's children will certainly read these books, but as curiosities, bizarre literary relics from a lost world. [via]

Harry Potter is our middle finger to the terrorists, our escape from our SCOTUS drama's. POTUS is one thing, but SCOTUS reminds me of Scrotum of which Harry Potter has one, !#!@@Harry Pottah!!@$% *twitch*!

Pardon me, you got some POTUS on my SCOTUS and its not tasty at all. Would Carl Rove be the equivalent of "he who must not be named"? Is Cheney our Snape? Where does Bush figure into the Potter mythology, perhaps Dumbledor has an evil twin DUMBasdoor?

I look forward to reading the book, I admit it, I like the Harry Potter books, but that doesn't make me douchetarded or anything. What I'm not looking forward to is the hype, the meetings, the selling strategies, the one book that will sell itself this year and we have to have micro manage the shit out of it. OCK! !#!@#%Harry!!%#$@@POT#$#%TURD$%#%#&!!