Wednesday, July 06, 2005

New Moon And Change To Spare

It is my belief that the pull of the moon is strongest when the new moon hits us, which is today, which is why I want to slap random strangers wearing polyester of any form. Every customer wanted to battle with me and I didn't have the energy to fight back, I just smiled and bit my tongue, a lot, now my lisp sounds lispy juicy, too sexy. With holding sarcasm and tidbits of wit was very difficult, but I knew that if I said one thing even remotely sounding defensive to the psycho customers, my boss would get a call about the obnoxious redhead they encountered earlier, demand that my boss fire me for my inability to make books not on the shelves miraculously appear from nowhere. Every ounce of tension is residing in my shoulders at present, they're so damn tight you could bounce a quarter off them, tragically you can't say the same about bouncing a quarter off my ass, the last time someone did this the quarter just disappeared and two weeks later I made change, two pennies and a dime, strange and quite uncomfortable to say the least.

Speaking of my boss, sometimes we'll take an afternoon from the book biz to go see a movie, a movie based on a book as not to seem like total delinquents. This time we went to see War Of The Worlds, we grabbed some soda's and popcorn, my boss paid for everything as a reward for winning that leadership award thingy, although she was a few cents short at the concession stand, so I bent over and shot some change from my ass, I jest of course, but I was feeling kinda bloated that day, anyhoo, the movie was great for what it is, summer schlock Spielberg style, very suspenseful and those tripod monsters must have come from my uterus or something, way to much need for blood.

I found a discount sticker on my hipbone under my undies earlier today, I can't tell you how it got there, I've no fucking clue, but you'll be happy to know that I'm 25% off today and that explains everything, new moon be damned.