Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Politics Of Dancing

That silly Ann Coulter forgot that in lieu of original content, copying & pasting is fun and all, but shouldn't you always include your sources? Silly, silly succubus.

Pollack on Roberts (click link for free porn)
Meanwhile, President Bush has nominated the whitest man in America for the Supreme Court. If I were an anti-abortion timber company executive, or a brainwashed automaton, I would consider John Roberts (whose name sounds like it should belong to a protagonist in a bad Bruce Willis action movie), a fine nominee. But instead, I'm an abortion-loving atheist with Jew blood. George Carlin is the only nominee who would really satisfy me. Those odds are long.

I'd have to agree, Carlin is the only nominee that would satisfy me, hell, he should be president.

Have a lovely Sunday. :)