Saturday, July 02, 2005

Selling Starvation II

Unless you were one of millions who were lucky enough to attend one of the Live 8 soirees, then you were left with the hungry want of actual music. It's a great strategy, if you want to piss off millions of music lovers. MTV's production sucked big ol' donkey dicks today. You might say, "But Cupie, its not about the music it's about making people aware of HIV/AIDS, Poverty and the upcoming G8 summit!, and I might say, "Was that the Killers there, for about 5 seconds?? Did you see that?", "I think I'm hallucenating the music, cool."

Was this an infomercial for the 20th anniversary of Live Aid CD release? Do I have to follow the G8 summits now? Why is Madonna still so fucking hot? How cool was Floyd? How awesome was Greenday singing Queen's "We are the champions"? Live 8 is over, done, fini. The production sucked much ass, but they don't care, the word is out and the world is watching. Now we, the public, know how it feels to want, we were told we'd see our favorite bands, yet, I am still hungry for music and luckily I live in a world where I can go do just that, not to mention do it with a stomach full of the lettuce soup I found in the fridge earlier, yum. Call 911. ;)