Sunday, July 17, 2005


Image swiped from a live journal user to be named later, lol -- hehe, haha, hoho
#$@#$!!H a r Ry Poootte R (*&*#@! *twitch* I woke up a few minutes ago, Harry Potter crumpled beneath, the little slut, I jest, I'm delirious -- my head just bobs around as I stare into space thinking all the while, I need more sleep. The head continues to bob about, I think of food and remember I'm nauseas. Focusing a bit, I see an image of Larry David on the T.V.. I smile, wipe the spit from the corners of my mouth and ignore that fact that I was exhausted, I'll just read a bit more, watch some more of that funny jew man, SERENITY NOW!

I wrote that early yesterday evening, just prior to falling asleep again. Today I am renewed with the spirit of selling, truly I am, I can't wait to get to work! *quiver* =P