Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Don't Ask, Do Tell

Are you experienced?
He claimed he was discharged after 13 months after breaking his ankle in a parachuting drill, but military records showed he was discharged for "homosexual tendencies."

According to the records, he told the base psychiatrist he had sexual fantasies about his bunkmates, grew addicted to masturbating and was in love with a member of his squad, Cross writes

Honestly, I would have done and said the same things to get out of that war. Jimi Hendrix was a freakin' genius and I'm glad he did what he did, because he left a legacy of music so spectacular it helped to shape the face of a generation.

More can be read in Charles Cross' new book Room Full Of Mirrors. Mr. Cross is quite insistent on covering all his bases when it comes to the facts, when he was gathering information for his Cobain bio, he left countless messages on my answering, anyone who knows me knows I don't check that thing but once a month and yet he finally tracked me down at work, the relentless bugger. Anyhoo, there is no doubt in my mind that Room Full Of Mirrors will be the definitive Hendrix biography and I'm looking forward to reading it.

I wish I had known Jimi Hendrix, but alas I was a child, but a babe, when he rocked the world. I dig a dude who isn't afraid of himself, his sexuality or his desire to create from deep within his soul and share it with the world.