Monday, August 08, 2005

She gave her son for liberty, now give her five minutes of your time Mr. President

Five minutes is all I ask.
CRAWFORD, Tex., Aug. 7 - President Bush draws antiwar protesters just about wherever he goes, but few generate the kind of attention that Cindy Sheehan has since she drove down the winding road toward his ranch here this weekend and sought to tell him face to face that he must pull all Americans troops out of Iraq now.

Ms. Sheehan's son, Casey, was killed last year in Iraq, after which she became an antiwar activist. She says she and her family met with the president two months later at Fort Lewis in Washington State.

But when she was blocked by the police a few miles from Mr. Bush's 1,600-acre spread on Saturday, the 48-year-old Ms. Sheehan of Vacaville, Calif., was transformed into a news media phenomenon, the new face of opposition to the Iraq conflict at a moment when public opinion is in flux and the politics of the war have grown more complicated for the president and the Republican Party.

Ms. Sheehan has vowed to camp out on the spot until Mr. Bush agrees to meet with her, even if it means spending all of August under a broiling sun by the dusty road. Early on Sunday afternoon, 25 hours after she was turned back as she approached Mr. Bush's ranch, Prairie Chapel, Ms. Sheehan stood red-faced from the heat at the makeshift campsite that she says will be her home until the president relents or leaves to go back to Washington. A reporter from The Associated Press had just finished interviewing her. CBS was taping a segment on her. She had already appeared on CNN, and was scheduled to appear live on ABC on Monday morning. Reporters from across the country were calling her cellphone

Yes, Saddam was a prick that had to go down, but had you said that straight up all this shit wouldn't be happening. Give the woman a few minutes of your time, she gave her son. Yeah, yeah, you couldn't possibly give five minutes to every widow or parent that has lost a loved one in this war against terror, your time is precious, defending your architect, pushing your compassionate conservatism and all, but dude, you straight up lied about shit and it's time to pay the piper, if not now, then later. Once you try to enter the pearly gates and God says "Um...dude, you should have been straight up, NO SOUP For YOU!" you will have received what you have given, nothing. It will happen, count on it, a messenger from above told me this, I can't disclose my sources, but this messenger shined like a thousand sons lost.