Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Hump Day Linkage Ver. Vista (giggle-snarf)

Jon Stewart on working vacations and Cindy Sheehan. [via]

Interpreter of Maladies
"The Backstreet Boy of public broadcasting" Mr. Zakaria is the man meat poster boy of pundits, who knew? Not that I wouldn't throw my golden thong of lust (more on that later) up on his stage.
Fareed Zakaria's career reads like some crazy America fantasy: Neoconservative policy wonk becomes darling of the ultra-liberal Daily Show. Political columnist and editor of Newsweek International is dubbed an "intellectual heartthrob" by Jon Stewart. Upper-class Indian academic raised in mostly secular household becomes America's favorite explainer of the Muslim world, regularly appearing on Charlie Rose, This Week With George Stephanopoulos, and now on his own weekly PBS news series, Foreign Exchange With Fareed Zakaria (airing Saturdays at 10 a.m. on WNET).

We sizzle on the East Coast, the West Coast appreciates me (a bit) and tell me, where the fuck is the love from Middle America? Snarf! Google has a new Vistor Map thingy:
Click to track your site!
Blogger is sick and damn tired of grammatical and spelling errors, so they made a plug-in for Word. My sister had this idea months ago, brilliant minds think alike. And yes, I downloaded it, so you can stop throwing things at your monitor when you read my posts. :)
Michelle vs. Michelle Found in the comments"
Don't forget me! I'm the blonde, manly one! Over here!

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What's Up Doc? Requiem For A Penis Carrot Up next: Requiem for A Krispy Kremed Vagina.

All Righty! My ass is numb, I've got baseball to attend and various other compulsions to conquer, have a dandy day.