Friday, August 19, 2005


Damn Bill Clinton for not stopping Osama Bin Laden, getting your dingle suckled and reinventing the humidor is the very reason 9/11 happened, because until then, the Muslim world thought Americans were a swell lot of folks and jihad was just a ja-oke.

Damn Cindy Sheehan and her "bandwagon" of leftie asshats, it's her fault that Bush and his bandwagon of rightie moonbats lied about why we had to take down Saddam, which is to say, we couldn't find Bin Laden, eh, screw Bin Laden (with a fork) Saddam dissed daddy.

Damn the ACLU and their "religion=Terrorism", it's their fault zealot's bomb and burn down women's clinic's. And what of the Crusades?
Damn our Civil liberties, because of them we practice free will, damn it all to hell!

Protest be damned, Cindy's family does come first, much to The Queen Of The Damned's detriment. Why do I suspect that the stroke Ms. Sheehan's mother had is all that damn Michael Moore's fault.

Damnit, "There taking the Hobbit's to Isengard", I hate when that happens.

Shock & uh...Jude Law's damn penis.

Damn if I didn't wake up with a song in my head, "Black Betty" bam-a-lam. "This song was orginally a "chant" used by railroad crews in the early 1900's to align tracks and ties. That is prob'ly where "Leadbelly" got it. Some other ones have shown up as old jump rope chants.". Damnit.