Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sloppy Sunday Seconds

Political Post Of The Week

If someone asks in future years, when the Conservative movement started to die, well, this would be the moment. When politics trumped human decency.

Hate is running rampant on the web, it's here, there and everyfuckingwhere, not pretty people, get your shit together, hate begets hate, and fuck if I don't hate that. How about hug a blogger day, or say, a Cuddle party for pundits? Yes? (((Pundits)))

Book Post Of The Week

"Well, fuck me gently with a spike-heeled Manolo"

Don't mind if I do, but first we need to discuss your anger issues with Chick Lit, not that angry shoe sex isn't a hoot, it's just that I don't think Chick Lit was put on the is earth to digust literati, perhaps I'm wrong, but it is interesting how it does agitate the Lit-snobs, which I find entirely too amusing. Chick Lit is published because there's a market for it, you know, like there's a market for low riding hip huggin jeans; just because they exist doesn't mean you have to buy them and join the Ass-Crack Generation, now do ya?

Bonus Book Links Of The Week

Book Vending Machines, groovy.

Reshelving George Orwell's 1984 in the current events or social science section of your favorite bookstore? Preposterous! Or not:

In October 1983, Roberts said that he favored the creation of a national identity card to prove American citizenship, even though the White House counsel's office was officially opposed to the idea.

Reshelving it is.

Random Acts Of Delusions of Grandeur

What Is Scientology? The Answer is here.

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