Wednesday, August 24, 2005

No Spew For You!

Maybe it's the cooler evenings, I don't know, but this sleeping beauty is loving the slumber lately, wow. I forgot to set my alarm clock, so I woke up rather late and I probably shouldn't be wasting time by blogging anything, but here I am, blogging, when I should be converting sleeptime Cupie into daytime Cupie. It's not a hard task really, I don't primp for hours to create something that I'm not. I poop, (tmi?) shower, drink coffee, slap on a bit of make-up, lipstick, blush, mascara, dress, find a pair of Chuck Taylor's to match the outfit, take the unruly mass of hair (I need a haircut, yesterday) lump it into a hairclip, lecture the cats on what good kitty's do while the master is away, grab my books and bag and I'm out the door. Low maintenance or lazy, that is the question!

Here's some "intelligent design" I thought you dig, heh. Have a loverly day and all that other brilliant bullshit. Cupie.........out.