Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Sunny Side Of The Blog

Katrina is a selfish succubus. From Sunday until last evening I was obsessed with the coverage. Today it's just another part of life on a spinning rock. I'm not discounting the horrors, but damn if I don't need something to smile at, so when I ran across Cat In Sinks a website devoted soley to um..cats in sinks, I got my smile.

I make polymer beads, or I use to before I got sucked into the blogosphere. My cat Ruby, the sweetest little black rat-cat you'll ever meet, loves beads; she picks her favorite from the lot, carries it in her mouth to the bathroom, jumps into the bathtub and proceeds to play roller-bead-ball for hours or until the bead gets jammed between the stopper and the drain after which, Ruby naps for a few hours, chasing sparklies is hard work. She has a favorite color and size, usually yellow and approximately 6 mm, which I'm thankful for as the beads don't go down the drain; I'd hate to have to send her down the drain hunting for beads like little baby Jessica's, that might be considered inhumane.

To cats, sinks and tubs are a cool place of repose and play, the toilet, when flushed, is magical to watch as if salmon were spawning in there. To us mere humans, bathrooms are a place to wash away our personal grime, dump the kids at the pool, etc, we lack the imagination of our feline friends, but then again, if all you had to do was eat, sleep and be adored, the bathroom would seem like Disneyland.

Lot's of people lost their pets due to Katrina's wrath, you can donate to the Humane Society to help those who can't help themselves, meow.