Thursday, September 01, 2005

Thought of the day and then I'm done thinking, it hurts.

So, what happens when the President puts his little tootsies on the new Ground Zero? I'm frightened and a smidge concerned that a photo opportunity in the devastation that is the Gulf Coast will end up being a declaration of WAR against the weather. I'm almost certain that a memo will surface showing that the air is harboring weapons of mass destruction as if we didn't know that already.
We have journalist Malcolm Gladwell to thank for the idea that every social phenomenon has a dramatic "tipping point." It doesn't always work that way. And yet Hurricane Katrina is just such a moment. We are a big, strong country-and New Orleans will, somehow, survive-but you do get the sense, as President Bush finally arrived here after a monthlong vacation, that a political hurricane is gathering force, and it's going to hit the capital any day.

Goddamnit, you can't even have an original thought anymore. However, the fact remains that an act of a very menopausal Mother Nature will be politicized and that's just a fact of life, like hurricanes, like thinking you had an original thought, it's a fight you can't win. In the meantime, thousands are homeless and hungry and have no shelter. Focus must remain on the survivors, the rebuilding can only start once the wound starts heal, don't pick at the scab, that's gross. I'm done thinking, I've got to work now, lol. Have a loverly day.