Tuesday, September 13, 2005

For The Love Of Snarf

On September 11th, 2005, I attended a Mariner game, a remembrance of the lives lost 4 years brought many tears, we lost the game to boot, but on that day two things brought me some joy; my youngest niece Aimee holding her flag so high and proud and probably not even aware why and the bald eagle that flew above the stadium (a northwest perk) it glided above us for quite a time then flew out of sight, very cool.

Waking up to find the Mariner Dan Wilson was retiring at seasons end bummed the shit out of me. He was injured earlier this year and hasn't returned so I'm guessing the time was right, whatever, but damn, his beautiful face and rock-hard ass will be missed!

And finally, I found this over at American Regression:

We are still quite baffled by the full-on incompetence of our leadership, the rich get richer, the poor drown. I can guarantee you that plenty of our conservative leadership are getting some good loving from women other than their betrothed, it just hasn't been a focus, what with terrorism, war and natural disaster this administration has been busy! It's sad when you wish for the days of blowjobs and female humidors.