Thursday, September 15, 2005

Giraffes, Hippopotami & The Clap, Oh My!

We have a new addiction, Sudoku, I can't stop; puzzle after puzzle I'm all... the one goes there, but not there and the nine, oh the nine, sweet nine, you go there. The four could go there or there, but the seven is next to the three and it likes it, I like it. One through nine in nine consecutive squares; each vertical line - nine, each horizontal the same, it's crazy, it's wonderful. My eyes crossed a half hour ago and I've been bumping into things, slurp. Anyhoo, here's Kurt Vonnegut's
Give us this day our daily bread. Oh sure.

Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.
Nobody better trespass against me. I'll tell you that.

Blessed are the meek.

Blessed are the merciful. You mean we can't use torture?

Blessed are the peacemakers. Jane Fonda?

Love your enemies - Arabs?

Ye cannot serve God and Mammon. The hell I can't! Look at the Reverand Pat Robertson. And He is as happy as a pig in shit.

Now, here's Mr. Vonnegut on The Daily Show and that my dears made me happy as a pig in shit, whipping Pat Robertson with Jane Fonda's peacebeads/riding crop, Sudoku!

Craziness abounds, indeed.'s Mike Brown's first draft of his resignation, via Neal Pollacks fabulous brain and Seattle's fabulous The Stranger, sudoku...nine..*twitch*