Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Folly & Fodder

FEMA continues to suck dingles O'plenty, the proof is in the pudding or um...python.


The top 20 of the top 500 songs since 1980 according to Blender Magazine:
001. "Billie Jean" - Michael Jackson
002. "B.O.B." - Outkast
003. "Sweet Child O' Mine" - Guns N Roses
004. "One" - U2
005. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" - Nirvana
006. "Like a Prayer" - Madonna
007. "Love Will Tear Us Apart" - Joy Division
008. "Sucker MCs" - Run-D.M.C.
009. ". . .Baby One More Time" - Britney Spears
010. "In Da Club" - 50 Cent
011. "My Name Is" - Eminem
012. "The Message" - Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five
013. "Fight for Your Right" - Beastie Boys
014. "You Shook Me All Night Long" - AC/DC
015. "Hey Ya" - Outkast
016. "I Want It That Way" - Backstreet Boys
017. "Super Freak" - Rick James
018. "I'm Coming Out" - Diana Ross
019. "Just Like Heaven" - The Cure
020. "The Show" - Doug E. Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew

[via BWE]


The Smurfs, they're blue, share one blue chick and star in a UNICEF snuff film, just in time for Oscar chatter, neato.


Boobie Boner of the Day OR October is Breast Cancer Awareness month:
"I am trying to get a hold of someone in India who could help me. I want to do a huge benefit next year in Agra at the Taj Mahal where we turn the Taj pink for Breast Cancer Awareness [via lights, not dye]." -- Elizabeth Hurley

The Taj Mahal was made out of love, love your tits people, love them.


My boss called me with a customer complaint yesterday. Apparently on Saturday, a nice young woman with a cute baby decided that I didn't want to sell Ann Coulter's "How To Talk Liberal." Well fuck that! I wanted to sell it to her and I put it in her hand but she didn't want to pay the full cost of the book and said she would go to Costco. She wanted to engage in a conversation about Coulter's greatness; I did not. She lamented that the book was a bestseller and didn't understand why it wasn't at the front of the store. I replied that it didn't sell for us, that one hardcover sale does not make a bestseller, and that we are a true blue state in the respect that conservative political pulp just doesn't sell in my neck of the woods. Still, she didn't like my attitude, of which, I don't recall ever having. I know when to keep the trap shut. She bought some other books for her cute baby and I told her to have a nice day. Still the wench proceeded to complain just like the people that get pissed that James Dobson currently doesn't line our bookshelves. Fuck that, they don't SELL. I'm running a business here folks, not a fucking candy store of negativity and bigotry. Go to Costco, I don't care, just don't take me down because your conservative psycho radio hosts demand it. Stop being fucking sheep and think for yourself, mmmkay? With that, I leave you with an Angry Black Bitch VS. Ann Coulter:
Harriet Miers went to Southern Methodist University Law School, which is not ranked at all by the serious law school reports and ranked No. 52 by US News and World Report. Her greatest legal accomplishment is being the first woman commissioner of the Texas Lottery. From www.anncoulter.com October 10, 2005.

Oh no you didn't! Shut the fuck up! All of the sudden a person has to be intellectually qualified? Where were you when we liberals were demanding a President with a brain? A bitch is so glad that y'all have decided to embrace thinking....too bad you waited for the nation to go knee deep into an illegal war, mount up the largest debt in history, rape the environment and return to the days of medieval healthcare

Hehe, haha, hoho!! Have a loverly day!