Monday, October 10, 2005

The Butt Crack Of Dawn

Two movies I watched yesterday mentioned "the butt crack of dawn" and today I witnessed that very butt crack; its beautiful, wispy pink clouds splattered across varying shades of blue as the day showed me its ass crack. Life is good. Why the butt crack of dawn? You never hear of the tit-cleavage of twilight or the dong shadow of midday. I like to say that when mother earth has an earthquake, she popped a cyst and she's pissed as hell. Hurricanes are hissy fits and lightening storms are signs that she's going postal. We are currently living in a violent cycle of said natural anomalies. Add a dash of war, a smidge of political dissent (Korea still wants to puree' our collective asses) and it kind of makes you want to never wake another day to see that ass crack again. But we do, we survive, and the world will spin with or without us. Please continue giving to the Red Cross for disaster relief. The way things are going we're all going to need it at one point or the other so we can live to see another stinky ass-crack, dong shadow, tit cleavaged day.