Saturday, October 08, 2005

Book Spew

Author Max Barry's new book Company will be released in January.
"A raucous black comedy… enters some sublimely Kafkaesque territory"

Publisher weekly:
"As bitter as break-room coffee, the novel eviscerates modern management techniques"

ANY novel that eviscerates modern management is fine by me. My own company continues to spend millions on management models that make me fucking shiver on a daily basis. Asinine bullshit by the paper ream, yet, they say they are reducing physical tasks so we can spend more time selling books to people, that is if you can find your way through the masses of paper shit that were supposed to be reduced due to the new intranet, link after link and you still don't know where to find shit, shit that is due to your boss the next day, she sent you a hard copy in one of the million of mail packages she sends on a weekly basis *pop* yeah, um, that was something in my brain, never to return (Kafkaesque, if I say so myself). Anyhoo, we are greatly looking forward to The Company and if you haven't read Jennifer Government yet, you should, it's happening at this very moment as you scratch the very ass your sitting on.

We are working on another Saturday, between working weekends and doctors appointments, I have no life, this makes me tired, bitchy and and most willing to eviscerate anything that crosses my path, ugh. Have a faboo, dandy, super swell day, really.