Friday, October 07, 2005

It's like saying, "Dude, your a mugblood and your gay."

Is Ginnie Weasly about to have her heart crushed by a fickle Harry Potter? Is Harry Potter gay? Not that there's anything wrong with that (obligatory Seinfield blather). I can understand the load of envy in a children's book authors psyche, they've spent their whole lives writing books and in return still have to work at Jack In The Crack to pay the bills and along comes J.K. Rowlings with her little wizard boy and next thing you know, she's a damn billionaire and people are naming their babies Harry, which is always better than naming them dick, it's luck, happenchance and good writing that made her a success. Now the author of a particularly bad book is getting axed for putting Harry in the closet:
"Reverend Graham Taylor, who penned the novel "Shadowmancer" which, like the tales of the famous boy wizard created by J.K. Rowling, centers on witchcraft and battling evil, got his marching orders after teachers accused him of homophobia.
"As for Harry Potter, well, he's not the only gay in the village," the former Anglican priest told children at Penair School in Truro, southwest England, referring to a catchphrase from the popular British comedy TV show "Little Britain."
He also described the villains in Rowling's blockbuster series as "wimps" and called TV "crap" compared to books

Television is crap compared to books, but I'm paid to say that and the way this week is going at work, the television is winning, freaks I say.
"It was a joke; a joke from 'Little Britain' that the children would know," Taylor was quoted by newspapers as saying.

"I didn't set out to offend. I'm a priest and I'm very careful about not offending people."

Yeah, but it also showed his students that he's jealous as fuck. Rev. Taylor's books tried to be good, but they sucked Big Gay Al and Al didn't give him his digits afterwards.
Harry Potter is not gay and I say that from a completely insane point of view, because we all know Harry is fictional and I don't really know how he feels, but I've read all the books (like a good book junkie) and I feel I know Harry and I'm quite certain, Mary K. Letourno would love a bit of afternoon delight with Mr. Potter's magic wand, the boy is straight. Now, if only society would stop making being Gay a bad thing, it is not a bad thing, it's a good thing. Knowing who you are and what you want from life is a damn fine thing. Being a self righteous, jealous motherfucker is bad thing. I know this is a little preachy, people have the right to make fun of what they don't understand, it just makes them look like fools when they do a poor job of it.

UPDATE: apparently, not unlike my high school sweetheart, I was wrong again, lol...mmmmkay.