Thursday, October 20, 2005

Let the ass tingling blogging commence

I know your just dying to know how my meetings went, well lets just say that my ass still tingles for numerous reasons, one reason, sitting in darkened meeting rooms staring at slide presentations the I previously read on paper, the redundancy of the corporate mind, augh. Another reason, the after awards folly in the Palm Island lounge at the resort. You wouldn't think a bunch of books geeks could party, but I'm here to tell you, we know how to party, we know how to shake our asses and we know how to swill down Jaeger shots while taking pictures of ass cleavage and talking literature.

Early in the evening we were treated to a room filled with 25 authors, John Lescroart, James Rollins, Christine Feehan, and Heather Graham to name just a few. I also met Gayle Lynds, the first female to smash through the glass ceiling of the male dominated "suspense fiction" genre, which won me over immediately, I'm easy like that. I told her "any woman that can cut through any glass ceiling has nipples of diamonds, you go girl!", she told me "I'm using that in my next book", I said, "that's super swell, diamond encrusted bitches unite!" ha, ahem, I do look forward to reading her latest The Coil, ah yes, another tingle.

I also met a relatively new author Barry Eisler, this guy is HOT, sizzle, quiverlicious ladies and gents and his book looks good too! *ass tingle* The blurb on the back of his book won me over "If Quentin Tarantino ever got to take a crack at the James Bond..." that's all I read, I saw Tarantino's name and the word "crack", perhaps I was still thinking about butts and I'm certain this author has a nice one, whatever, I like a good spy thriller and I'm greatly looking forward to reading it.

Corporate meetings melt me feeble brain, but it's worth it for the suitcases of free books, meeting literati, winning Leadership awards (God I'm good) and chasing it all down with Jaeger shots and dancing until you pass out on rock hard mattresses, sleep is for the airplane and that's exactly what I did. Upon my return to the bookstore today, I doled out the goodies to my booksellers and promptly purchased another book, Margaret Cho's I have chosen to stay and fight, right on Ms. Cho, I am at your service and you are now the richer for it and I have yet another book to cherish. And yeah, Ms. Cho makes my ass tingle too.

Ack, before I forget, I'd like to introduce my friend, former colleague and author Beth Mitchum as a regular contributor to Spew it Forward, she's brilliant, fabulous and has a few things to share with the world and I'm very proud to have her part of my team of great minds. Welcome to the Blogosphere Beth! xoxo