Monday, October 17, 2005

Whew! Now, where was I????

Sorry for the absence and the absence to follow. Neurosis, anxiety and a dollop of too damn busy to concentrate on the blog. I've got another whirlwind business trip to Reno the next few days, it should be a damn crime shipping managers to another state for 24 hours of meetings and hotel food, but hey, I'm employed (for now) and a free trip is a free trip. Anyhoodoodlebopshebop, I'm sure when I return I'll be chock full of interesting crap to share with the world and we'll both be the better for it.


Doctors with free time on their hands can be hoot, even hootier when they shit their pants methinks. [BWE]

Jim Henson, the orignal fistmaster
It's not easy be green, white, black, yellow or red, but green is the most difficult of all to be, unless your Kermit The Frog and it's your birthday! Happy Birthday Kermit!! I love that damn puppet. Hell, I love anything that can survive with a fist up their ass. So, um, what's green and smells like Miss Piggy?
Kermit's finger....BAHAHAHAH...mmmkay....sorry about that, couldn't resist.

Kermit's 50th Anniversary Tour.

Kermit Poetry here.

Kermit CNN interview.


See ya in a few days! ;)