Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Mr. Stewart goes to Washington

"Some blogs are written really well, some are written by people who were given a jar of Ritalin and allowed to write as long as they can."

"I believe in the 12 percent theory of goodness...that 12 percent of things are good and the rest is crap. Same for blogs: 12 percent are written really well and the rest is just maturbating by their keyboard...not that there's anything wrong with that
." --John Stewart

Pass me a tissue. [chases down Ritalin with Redbull, slurp] True that it might be, 12 percent of the blogosphere is "written really well" the other 88 percent are outsourced to Euro-Asian teenagers on Ritalin and a handful of angry Goths. Also, 12 percent of my ass is muscle, or so the doctor tells me, once, I shoved 12 percent of a my middle finger up the doctors nose; 12 percent of me was repulsed, the other 88 percent of me went to the store and bought a feedbag of chocolate. 12 percent of my brain blogged this very post, the other 88 percent of me is going to work.