Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Here's The Thing....

It's 4th quarter. I work in retail. 4th quarter is an amazing, soul sucking experience, the workload doubles along with the customers. Yesterday, as I was setting up yet another holiday "value" store within the mall, a woman walked by and said "Oh good, a bookstore, this Mall has needed one forever!" at which time I turned around all sweaty and bitchy and hissed at the ignorant bitch. Yeah, the mall needs a bookstore, we've been there in that Mall for 20 years, but I guess the mall needs a damn bookstore. We've also heard this a lot, "When did you guys open?" --stare, drool--cough-- "20 years ago."
"Oh, I don't shop at this mall much, heh."
"Ah." I say instead of bitchsmacking them.
I sell them their book and proceed to tell them we're closing in a few months and they say "awww, that's too bad, I like this store." Do ya now?
My horomones are a raging fucked up mess, buy some more shit without the commentary please. Thanks.

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