Sunday, November 13, 2005

Linked for your pleasure

Ana Marie Cox gets inside the NYT's and reviews "Senator Barbara Boxer's new political-thriller-cum-romance-novel hinges on a Supreme Court nomination battle: the president's selection is a tight-lipped, right-wing ideologue; the Democrats are certain she will "help turn back the clock" on court decisions." The horror, I can't even fathom living in that world.

Actor John Cusak gets his politic on, if this article were a boom box, I'd get on him.

Hell, who needs flu shots when you can make the most proven method of safety ever devised: On the Effectiveness of aluminum Foil Helmets: An Empirical Study

FOX sucks big ass elephant dingle: Fox puts abrupt stop to 'Arrested Development', what a bunch of fucking morons. If any other large network had the balls to pick it up would be just as shocking and to replace Arrested Development with fucking Prison Break, bullshit. A.D. is brilliant!! Prison Break is retarded, blet. Okay, I've spoken my mind on the matter, for now, the asschimps. And a note to NBC, bring back SCRUBS, pronto, bitches.

I want one of these trees please, with the holidays coming and all the blather about materialism and whatnot, what better then to celebrate the holidays with Charlie Brown's Pathetic Christmas Tree!! I need that tree like a hole in my head, but hey, whats another orifice to clean? Allllll righty then, have a super dandy cream-filled day.