Saturday, January 28, 2006

Victory for HB 2661, get gay!

It's a matter of respect, an advance in the fight for equal rights for all in Washington State:
"The Senate passed the bill 25-23, with one Republican voting in favor. The House gave its final approval 61-37 a short time later. Gov. Christine Gregoire plans to sign the bill Tuesday."

But wait:
"Instead of a gay-rights law, you're going to have the law of unintended consequences. And the unintended consequences is that Democrats are going to be firmly tied to same-sex marriage and I think they are going to pay a price in November," said the Rev. Joseph Fuiten, pastor of Cedar Park Assembly of God in Bothell.

This man of God stands in judgment, raging on about morals and a boycott of businesses such as Microsoft. How about you do your job by spreading God's word and not your will, bub. I believe judgment is done at the pearly gates, between you and your maker, not in the house of the Lord, now shush your mouth and get back to spreading love, not hate, God shakes the finger of shame at those who hate or judge blindly in his name, tsk-tsk.

Congratulations to all who worked diligently for the past 30 years to get this bill in place, we can only hope this won't be another "mission accomplised" being as that apparently means "kinda, sorta" done. It's about Human Rights, not sin.