Friday, January 06, 2006

"Wonkette is dead -- long live Wonkette."

Ana Marie Cox has left Wonkette for a real job as a full time writer of things that some, some being me and we can't wait to get our copy of Dog Days. The NYT's favorably reviews the book and kindly shares that the main character Melanie, a campaign worker who "uses four-letter words as commas and lives in an apartment more bacterial and messy than post-Katrina New Orleans." I can't relate to that at all, nope. Newsweek's review is rather snarky, oh hell, it's just out & out bitchy for going on about the shoes and the pasty bodies about to make sex; sweetie, life is all about pasty bodies and poorly designed shoes, deal with it. Anyhoo, good luck to Ms. Cox, we find it amusing that it took two men to replace one very sassy, saucy and brilliant woman. Wonkette remodel due soon, methinks. Congratulations and kudos little Ms. Assfucker.