Thursday, February 09, 2006

Grammy Schmammy

The production of this years Grammy's was some shoddy ass work. At one point I heard a producer talking over the group singing, I think it was Sugarland's set all I heard was "is his guitar working" "there's gotta be something more" indeed, like competence. The camera shots SUCKED, 0-M-G. Jennifer Love Hewitt = buzzkill. The camera shots were all over the place (not unlike this blog post), the microphones didn't work for half of the songs. I wanted to jam my mascara brush in my eye during the Sly Stone tribute, I was excited to see Sly at first and then it started, I didn't need to see that shit, although, Will I Am is one sweet dancer, but Sly, wtf? I will say I totally grooved on Sly's tribute to Wendy O' William's blonde Mohawk. I was really happy for Kelly Clarkson's win and her performance was nicely executed, no mic mishaps, no acid trip camera shots of the guitar players knees, good segment fella's. *twitch* Madonna's set, eh..mmkay.

U2 and Mary K. Blige kinda rocked, but I dunno, McCartney scared me, up until he sang Helter Skelter (which, thankfully, showed a new generation of music lovers that McCartney does indeed rock when he embraces his inner Beatle) and that kinda reminded me of the Rolling Stones Super Bowl half time set and that also kinda disturbed me, it was kinda cool, but then I was all..meh. Linkin Park, JZ and McCartney...that was special. Mariah. Carey. If I don't look at her, I totally enjoy her music, if I look at her, well I kinda want to jam my mascara brush in her eye.

BRUUUUUCE, still cool, "Bring 'em home!" he said. I said, "Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuce!"

Kayne West & Jamie Foxx's live performance of Golddigger was actually fun & fresh, they should have opened or closed the show with it, but, they didn't. Lot's of other fine folk won statues and the producer of the show was actually thanked by one of the last presenters, it's blurry, I don't function well after 11. Perhaps it's time for a new producer, I got queasy watching the Grammy's for the first time in my life, maybe it was the lifetime achievement awards being tossed around like Mardi Gras beads, "thanks for your contribution, now sit your ass DOWN" where is the fricken' respect?

Perhaps it's just me, older, grumpier, and bloggier. Maybe it was the best broadcast of the Grammy's ever, maybe I need a chill pill, who can say, but I do know that I could have done without it. Sure, I could have changed the channel, but what the hell would I have to bitch about today? "Long live rock! Be it dead or alive."