Friday, February 10, 2006

Soliciting rape? I don't think so!

There is a rapist trolling my neighborhood, I don't dig that shit! I don't like my security threatened for any reason, but life doesn't always give a shit about what I want, so my ass got proactive for the second time in one day, the first being a bowel movement, but that's another blog post for another day.

The rapist attacked two women just blocks from my home and my workplace, so I thought I'll print the article (linked above) and distribute it throughout my mall. I knew I was taking a risk, mall regulations don't allow soliciting even if your soliciting news that directly affects the wellbeing of people who work in the mall. After I was through distributing the article a store manager complained to the Security office and she said that she wasn't going to post the article because she didn't want to instill fear in her employees and I was told to stop distributing "the flyer" immediately or the mall management would take "measures" against me. I calmly explained that I knew the mall wouldn't alert anyone about the ensuing dangers. I wasn't soliciting anything other that the fact that there's a rapist working our area. Still, I was told to stop, but I didn't. Why? Because, I live in a dense urban area and we've had shootings, armed robberies of which I was a witness and attempted armed abductions in our mall, not to mention the car thefts, the insane amount of aggressive shoplifters, one of which assaulted one of my own employees, don't even think of stopping me from protecting any one or any thing that I hold dear, I told the Security manager to "bring it on".

About a half hour after I was scolded, a police officer assigned to the mall's police sub station came into the store to see what it was I was distributing and he immediately approved of my actions calling them a "public service". Shortly afterwards another store manager came to my store asking for more copies of the article so that all of their employees could see what this weak little rapist potentially looked like, I was out of copies, so the police officer came back to the store, took the article and made enough copies for everyone. SNAP!

I understand the mall not wanting any negative publicity, but the rape didn't happen at the damn mall it happened just a block away from it.

We live in a world that when we look to the sky and see a plane we pray it doesn't have a target other than the airport landing strip. A world where a package left at the bus stop can clear 8 city blocks before the bomb robot decides it was someone's lunch or a travelers metal coffee cup or just some horny bitches vibrator. The smell of rotten eggs makes us think we're being gassed and an enveloped filled with a lovers scented talcum powder can shut down the freakin' government. When businesses don't actively help in the protection of their employees they're at fault and when something of this nature happens, the business is just as accountable as the rapist. Baby, that is just shameless money-mongering in my opinion. Hell, I guess the manager who saw fit to report my "mall policy violation" shouldn't be too surprised when one of her employees has been beaten and raped by this 200 pound Hispanic dude.

I knew that I would have to go through a great deal of red tape if I had asked the mall first and I just didn't have time for bullshit that that entailed. Sometimes you do what you know is right, I was right and stand by my actions and encourage anyone else to do the same. Don't even think about fucking with me when I know I'm right; it is right to warn people of dangers. Jesus, it's not like I set up a rapist alert system, like I've got the means to do that, oh wait...I do have a computer..*giggle-puke*:

I only did what I thought was right and the police agreed. As for the mall and others mired by the fear of prosecution for doing the right thing, shame on your sorry asses. It is our fear that stifles our convictions and beliefs (unless your the omnipotent religious right) it's not all black & white, the shades of gray can contaminate our thought process. As glorious as gray can be, it can hold us back and destroy us. I won't stand by and let that happen politically, civically, or any other "lly" in my way. Rape is a policy violation beyond comprehension and this bitch don't play that way and never, ever, not in a million fucking (oh the irony) years, will I.

Rape prevention
Keep yours keys in your hands at all times with one key between each finger as to slice and dice the fucker that dare cross your path; walk with a sturdy gait. And finally remember this, go for the eyes, throat and nuts if attacked.

Rape Resources

NO always means no, on the street, at a party, be safe, know your mind and never ever be submissive (that s&m bullshit is just that, bullshit tie me up, tie me down and I'll slice your nuts into appetizers, she said in a coy manner ;) :) nudge nudge, not!).

If you live in the greater South King County area and have seen this limp dicked mother fucker please call 911 immediately.