Sunday, February 12, 2006

Kwan Song?

Well, that was almost too easy. Michelle Kwan has to pull out of the Olympics due to a injury during practice yesterday. I feel for the girl, but sometimes things happen for a reason, perhaps it's time to let someone else shine. The doctors say that "it's not a career ending injury" so, who knows, maybe she'll go on and in 4 years she'll be back, but she'll be 30 and Ice Capades ready so who knows. She entertained us for years and we've appreciated every spin, every jump. In the movie Jerry Maguire it was Jerry's lone client the sassy "show me the money" fella Tidwell who said it best; "kwan," which according to him "means love, respect, community... and the dollars too. The package. The kwan." Michelle Kwan is all of that and a bag of low fat, albeit tasty, chips. Best wishes to her and her future the Olympics won't be the same without you.