Monday, February 13, 2006


Have you ever been "throttled" by Netflix? I have, a few months ago and all that says about me is that I need to get of the house more and not be a movie whore, but I am what I am. So instead of having a hissy fit, I got out of the house more and chilled on the couch potato stance. Lately I'm just annoyed that I can't get a new release when I want it. Hell, I just now watched Wedding Crashers and as we know that was so last month. Whatever, I'm am just lazy enough to not care if Netflix throttles my ass, it hasn't been throttled for some time, so um...thanks. [via]


What's up Dick?
Wutz up Dick?Vice President Dick Cheney starts off the week with Wabbit Season, it was Duck Season, but the dude didn't 'duck' fast enough.

Have a fabluously fabulous day.