Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Losers and Quitters Edition

Delayed Response
Tom Delay says "It's time for me to go do something else,". Well, it appears I'm not the only unemployed pain in the ass on the block. Except that in my off time I don't have make amends with my God for being a greedy, unforgiving assturd. "I can do more on the outside of the House than I can on the inside right now" true enough Mr. Delay, but Homeland Security will eventually catch up with your ass. I wish you luck Mr. Delay, you probably don't need it as I'm sure being one of Bush's minions, you'll be flush with opportunity on the Dark side.

"You'll never get my blood, God curse you all"
Personally, I think Zacarias Moussaoui should have his blood removed one drop at a time, recycle it through tubing to induce a bloody form of Chinese Water Torture, good times. I'm pretty certain this bitch doesn't care if he dies considering the direction of his career path when he was arrested. And um..Moussaoui, God did curse us, with selfish zealots like yourself, now zip it. Oh yeah and a message from Allah, "Ooops." at which time he turned away from you to watch NOVA on PBS.