Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Be there or be asleep it only happens once in forever.
At 1:02 a.m. - plus exactly three seconds - tomorrow, in the fourth month of the year, on the fifth day of that month in the sixth year of the decade, an event that may be simultaneously spectacular and randomly mundane will occur.

Make a wish, say a prayer, or watch as the skies part and swallow the earth whole. Or, expect nothing.
"It doesn't mean anything," said John Allen Paulos, a Temple University mathematician who has written a number of books about numbers.

The math brain behind bestsellers such as Innumeracy and A Mathematician Plays the Stock Market has concluded that 010203040506 will be just another point in the time-and-space continuum. There isn't even a name for such an occasion.

No Name? Five seconds in the mind of a marketer, or by the end of the day in the blogwhirrled, this phenomenon will have a name, book deal, screenplay, an agent and a t-shirt that reads "I survived 010203040506". Enjoy!