Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sweet and Sour

Anymore, for myself at least, I find talking about the current administration of criminals residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave is equivalent to beating a dead horse and the horse is far past rot. Five years into it and I'm numb to all of Bush & Co.'s wicked tricks and all I have is a bucket of horse bones to shake at the television in exasperation. Last year the oil industry had it's largest profit ever, however, they will be the first to point out that big pharm is far more profitable. Say hello to three bucks a gallon, we've got their summer houses to pay for folks. Gah, gurgle.
*Shakes can of horse bones at monitor* Snarf.
[American Agenda]

Now, enjoy the lighter side of what really matters today baby porcupines:

Thanks and have a loverly day.