Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Action, Acts & Ack: Your Voice Matters

You know how you felt when Chris Daughtry was booted off American Idol? The odds were in his favor. He had the showmanship, he sang better than all the others, he was a shoe in. We thought that talent alone would win him the AI crown and how wrong we were.
If you thought that the parallel of Daughtry's ousting and Gay marriage couldn't be made, I'm here for ya! On June 5th the President will hold a press conference to again state he supports the Federal Marriage Act, in an attempt to save the states from the gays. Nevermind that "Marriage has always been a state matter in the American system, and nothing about the advent of gay marriage in a single state should change that." If indeed this amendment "has no chance of passage" then it lends itself to the posturing of a hateful agenda in an attempt to save the sacred act of Marriage. The divorce rate is at approximately 50% right now, perhaps these posers could work on that statistic and stop trying to shove their fear and ignorance down our throats. Call or write your Senators (I did), voice your opinion yay or nay, the choice is yours, but if you don't do or say anything, you have nothing to say about the matter.

I didn't vote for Daughtry, therein contributing to his ousting, so I can't complain (but I did, heh) But I won't stand by as our leaders discriminate against any one class of people. To attempt to load the Constitution with a hateful archaic rhetoric is supreme bullshit - supersized and I think we've had enough of that in our lifetimes, don't you? American Idol will never be a social issue and not to belittle the mission at hand what I'm saying is that anything can happen if you don't act on what you believe in.
[links via American Agenda, WaPo, HRC, Blogging Spokane]