Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Grrrl Power?

Natures cruel trick? Two pretties don't necessarily make a pretty, it could backfire, but I doubt it did. I'm sure you all know by now that Brangelina's spawn has ripped herself from her mother's unit. I'm still shocked that Hell, is indeed, the temperature it should be, which is something close to the temperature of Jolie's blazen baby unit. [via BWE]


Somewhere…somehow…Paris Hiltonification replaced the meaning seeking that defined my young adult years. It replaced the notion of doing something to make a positive mark on the world. Paris Hiltonification fills that void with grotesque extravagance and anti-intellectualism. -Angry Black Bitch

Young women who aspire to be Paris Hilton should have lobotomy's, pronto. Why would you want to be like someone who can't keep a friend for the life of her, shares her sexual exploits with the world and buys more animals than she could ever care for. The woman needs a personality makeover - yesterday. *twitch*


"There is no such thing as girl love, because all cool girls are competitive c---s, which is worth loving in itself, so it's okay. Just don't pretend it's otherwise! Celebrate the reality!" - From Courtney Love's nyr biography

Hmmmm....competitive c---s. Poetry. Well ladies, the above statement is from the mouth of a very competitive woman and rock star. I'm all for "celebrating reality" but Ms. Love does this only every other 5 years. Treat people as you'd want to be treated and you should be fine. See, there is simplicity in Girl Power and doesn't involve a handful of oxycontin washed down with a Red Bull.


So, if you could be any one of the above women which one would it be? It's a tough question, I can't even answer it, eh...bullshit, I'd be Jolie (minus the man-stealing ways) I don't think I could survive the amount of stress that Ms. Love has put her body through, it's a minor miracle that she's still alive and as for Hilton, methinks her parents should still be parenting the self obsessed douche, she needs to take that pink feathered ass of hers and disappear for a while.