Monday, May 22, 2006

DaDa Da Vinci Code

"DADA speaks with you, it is everything, it envelops everything, it belongs to every religion, can be neither victory or defeat, it lives in space and not in time." - Francis Picabia

The literati were quick to rip the book to shreds. The Christian zealots, fearing Jesus did in fact get his groove on with Ms. Magdeline, attempted to boycott the book and the flick and some 77 million domestic and 224 million dollars worldwide later, The Da Vinci Code comes only 2nd to Star Wars Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith for worldwide openings. Long live Jesus and Vader, beauty, eh?

Reactionary blather aside, the movie is fun, the theology is fascinating and despite it's critics it will continue to do well for the box office. The Da Vinci Code is first and foremost a murder mystery and for once Hollywood isn't talking down to us, or shoving another goddamn remake down our throats, well, that is until 06-06-O6 when the new version of The Omen is released, a smidge of irony with a dash of the power of Christ compelling us n' all.

This movie won't shake your faith, nor will it make you a femi-nazi for actually thinking that Mary Magdalene did indeed give birth to the daughter of Jesus. What it will do is make you think and it will make you investigate history for yourself and hopefully you will do just that and not rely on snarky useless commentary. I was truly touched at the end of the film once Hank's Langdon figures out where the grail is located. Although Langdon is agnostic he still feels the need to kneel and pray (or meditate) respectfully above the grail's resting spot. No talking down, no explanation, just quiet reflection. The movie is entertaining, although it might confuse some, it may enrage others and it just may encourage you to study the facts for yourself. And that is a beautiful thing - DaDa Da Vinci!