Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Idol Chatter & Television Matter

Last night was a night for music and flippin' the channels with both American Idol and the season finale of Gilmore Girls, so I flipped.

When I heard that Sonic Youth were going to be on Gilmore Girls, I almost blew off A.I. altogether, but then I saw it was Elvis night on Idol so I embarked on an hour of flippin' back and forth. As far as Idol is concerned I believe that the it's all about the boys for the final. Sure, Katherine is cute and has a great voice, but it was obvious she wasn't feeling her inner Elvis last night and it's all about feeling your inner Elvis when your singing his songs, hell, even I felt my inner Elvis last night, he's fine thanks for asking. Chris Daughtry is just great, there's no getting around it AND he sang two of my favorite Elvis diddy's (not to be confused with Diddy) the man is just HOT and I'm certain he'll get the A.I. crown. Elliot on the other hand didn't win me over, but he was good. Taylor, well he's just fun, but when he sings it looks like he has to take a wicked shit and fast, that in turn makes me wanna dump the kids at the pool and that's not very rock n' roll.

Gilmore Girls was GREAT; fricken' Lorelai buggin out and sleeping with Chris while Luke lives in his fickle wonderland of fatherhood ponders the idea of letting he's balls descend. Rory had to say goodbye to Logan and that was sad, Logan is so very fucking hot, a hosebag, but hot all the same. What I love about Gilmore Girls is the sharp, whip-fast and brilliant dialogue with a dash of political barbs so blatant and witty even Stephen Colbert's head would spin. Last nights show was embedded with a mass of street performers all hoping to be discovered and therein explaining Sonic Youth being on the show and I'll be damned if Thurston and Kim didn't have their lil' rock n' roll love child Coco playin' bass!! That was so cool, last I had seen of her was a baby pic in some mag and here's this young protege thumpin' the bass line as Thurston jammed and Kim sang, too cool. Gilmore Girls is just a great show, even Madeline Albright knows that.

I guess that House is a really great show, although I'm a Scrubs girl myself, I did manage to watch a few minutes. People love House, hell, even my 7 year old niece has Hugh Laurie as a screen saver on her computer and how she figured out how to do that is your guess as good as mine (she's freaky smart), but she loves the show, I guess I'll do the DVD thing and catch up with the rest of the world later as my priority is too watch the hysterical Scrubs. I mean, who doesn't love the "floating head" doctor? Good stuff.

I also watched So NoTORIous, Tori Spellings VH1 series, if you haven't seen it watch the season finale this Sunday, the show is fucking hysterical give it a shot. And before I forget, If you haven't seen Oxegen's Campus Ladies (love the theme song), try and catch it; it's demented and wrong, kind of in the vein of Strangers With Candy and I LOVE it. I love me some twisted television and last night was some good viewing!

Okay, I'm done babbling about t.v. habits and it's off to Safeco for some baseball and beer, woooooooooooooooooohoooooooo. Have a loverly