Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Virtual Hell

Today has got to be a computer free zone. My computer got a nasty ass virus on Saturday and of course my Norton was out of date as was my spyware program. Some seventy bucks and many hours of searching every goddamned file in this computer I've managed to find most of the offenders. Toss in a few blue screen of deaths and the fear my hard drive wanted to go tits up I attempted a back up to no avail, gah. I've been uploading photos to flickr to save them from inevitable death. To all the ass-pickling, virus making, spam-tossing and spyware making fucktards that have made my life hell for the past two days: ROT in your own filth and find a real job, chumps. I'm shooting you all a crazy evil eye stare right now and my Thetans are coming over to your house for a spot of tea with your ASS, bend over. That is all. *twitch*