Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Seattle's Gay Pride event You Tubbin' it. [via Slog]
"Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change."

Sleater-Kinney to go on "indefinite hiatus", Ch-ch-ch-changes.
Barbara Walters is pissed.
"Walters announced that Star would no longer be permitted to appear on the show -- effective immediately -- after Star strayed from script during an exit that's turned ugly."

Note: I just watched the opening of the View and BAM! Babs was restrained, but boy oh boy, she had the tone of a scolding, disappointed parent. Dayum.

Huffpo blogger Russell Shaw on Fred Phelps'group Gods Hates Fags visit to Portland.
Some months or years from now, an EMT will wake up next to his loving husband. They will kiss goodbye for the morning, and the EMT will drive to work.

Some months or years from now, a Registered Nurse will wake up next to her loving wife. They will kiss goodbye for the morning, and the RN will drive to work.

Three hours later, the EMT will get a call that someone has fallen ill and needs an ambulance. She who has fallen ill will be one of the members of God Hates Fags.

It's like Crash for the Gays. Righteous.


A Day in the Life of Tom Cruise
... with my apologies

05.00 Awakens from nightmare about L Ron Hubbard unzipping his skin only to find Xenu underneath

05.01 Removes hand from Katie's womb, having kept it safe from potential womb-stealers all night

05.08 Takes vial of Katie's blood to check her for post-partum or other depression medications

05.17 Kicks Katie out of bed and tells her to make breakfast

06.02 Finally drags ass out of bed, brushes gums and glues in dentures

06.05 Takes morning whiz, leaves it to mellow

06.13 Sits down at table, smiles at Katie and Bag of Sugar Dressed up as Baby Suri™
[c'mon, you mean to tell me you don't have any doubts as to whether she exists?]
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