Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Turn to face the strange

I knew that this year would be a big year of change for myself, but I didn't think half the world would be following in my clunky Chuck Taylor shaped footsteps.

No more Katie Couric overly optimistic Cheshire smiles during the Today Show. No more Viera keeping the troops in line on the View. Dan Rather finally cut the cord. The West Wing once made us wish President Bartlett was our real president and then dangled Jimmy Schmits as President Santos as a final reminder that our President is so very unlikable and creepy. Will & Grace ended with probably the best series finale ever and fortunately will live forever in reruns.

With change comes more change: Star Jones Reynolds is also leaving the View stating that " her contract was not renewed" and adding "I feel like I was fired."" We can only hope they do the same with the annoying Elizabeth Hassleback, maybe Rosie will sit on her and smother the tart tongued ignorant bitch.

Author J.K. Rowling likes the change and likes to tease the living shit out of us telling us that two characters will die in the last book.

Proving you don't have to be beautiful to save the world Microsoft's Bill Gates tires of hearing about Brangelina saving the world and quits his day job, uses his fortune and takes Warren Buffet's donated billions and saves the world. By far the best change ever. Classy move.

And finally the worst change ever - my own mid-life sweat sessions. They call it perimenopause, I call it a cruel joke. Sure, lots of folk like to sit in saunas to release the evil toxins within, but that's by choice. I on the other hand can be sitting quietly do absolutely nothing when WHOooooOOooOSH I start the sweatfest, left to sit in a puddle of my former self (sexy). I could blame it on our weather here in the Great Northwest (it's fucking hot!), but, I know the truth - it's "the change". As if I needed more of that.