Saturday, July 08, 2006

Arrrrrrr, avast, yo-ho, swashing da buckle...arrrrrr

"You're there to have fun. Fun for the family. Fun for the kids. Fun for everyone. So shut up and have fun."

Well, I did "shut up" and went to Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest to see the loverly Capt. Jack Sparrow today. I've read good and bad reviews, both of which I respect immensely -- not, I like to form my own opinion thank you very much. Pirates, swords, festering wounds, an "undead" Monkey, it's everything a girl could ask for!

The CGI, fab. The sword fights, amazing. The scene with Johnny Depp wearing garters and corset, non-existent (a girl can dream, no?).

The movie ends with a bit of a surprise that leaves you going..."" and then the credits pop on the screen and you're left saying "NOOOOO", well at least I did. It's a summer flick all the way, action, rum, eyeliner, the usual. The movie is fun...a little long and if I here one more complaint from a reviewer about it's length, and about how they don't have time to sit through a two and a half hour movie I shall sit on them for two and a half hours and then they can judge which is the better way to spend that allotment of time, fucking whining babies, it's a Pirate movie...arrr.

And don't forget September's Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Update: 55 million = Biggest Hollyweird opening day EVER! It's fun, go, have fun.