Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Face it, on Mars, there is no face

"I'm the face baby, is that clear,
I'm the face baby, is that clear,
I'm the face if you want it,
I'm the face if you want it, dear,
All the others are third class tickets by me, baby, is that clear."

-The Who

That infamous face on Mars, you know the one, the lump of rocks some have speculated was built by an ancient civilization

Yep, that's the one. Well, mythology aside, in 2001 we learned that it really looks like the photo on the right:

Behold the face!!!
"Thanks to the best images ever taken of the much-discussed face, scientists have conclusively determined it's just an unusual formation of mountains, landslides and valleys. Sorry all you conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts, but the Mother Ship ain't comin'."

Oh technology, you know-it-all bitch!

Anousheh Ansari paid a cool 20 mil to go to space and face the final frontier, the woman has balls and in zero gravity I bet there all over the place, anyhoo, she's got a flickr account devoted to her space images and it's tre' cool, enjoy. [via]

Let us not forget our own lovely planet, and if it takes a rodent to remind us that we are our own worse enemy, then so be it!
"All is One"
The rodent has spoke.
[via AIS]

And finally, we think Laura Bush might know a thing or two on how to use a Buttplug..err..Bushplug. *shiver*
E to the W = EW!

Have a super fantastic day!