Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Politics of Human Nature

Bill Clinton snapped when FOX's sniveling, self righteous Chris (blame it on the "emailers") Wallace asked him about Bin Ladin and everybody, yes, both sides of the fence having been criticizing him since. Why? Because he acted human. The man reacted with a "I'm not your bitch, don't hang your shit on me" response to a pompous weasel's question and now he's the "crazy", "defensive" former president. The fact that Wallace even asked the question was supreme bullshit, because although the facts are out there, they choose not to believe the facts.

Nora Ephron talks of how Clinton's people let his socks show, accusing the former POTUS of showing skin (read: human nature). We all snap sometimes, to varying degree's, but we do. It's like when someone tells a gorgeous person they're ugly every five minutes and finally the pretty, albeit flustered, person snaps screaming "I am pretty, fucking GORGEOUS even!! What is it you don't choose to see?!" People see what they want to see. Blinded by personal beliefs and perceptions, people are a fallible lot, fleshy schmoo's just trying to make it through another day and thankful when not driven to the edge of insanity.

Clinton snapped, because he could, just like the blow-job from the human humidor, why the fuck not? (That's not to excuse his behavior, trust me, I've totally boycotted the smoking of cigars.) But the thing is is that our former POTUS - not unlike our current POTUS - is human, sure he is brilliant beyond compare (the former, not the latter, duh), but the bottom line is that the man is made of flesh and bones just like you and me and when boxed into a corner will defend himself as he sees fit, savage - why yes it is. So, now the criticisms fly around like an airborne disease; "he's too bipartisan" "his socks were showing" boo-fucking-hoo.

At what point did being human become a undesirable trait?

It is our humanity that has brought us to the world to which we live in now, and it is critical that Clinton continue his bipartisan path and his audacity of hope. Clinton sets the example of how politics should work by agreeing to disagree but willing to work with those you disagree with to reach a common goal - survival. So, while the pundits have their heyday with Clinton's defensive reaction to Wallace's inane question all I have to say is to err is human, to forgive is divine and lord knows I'm divine. ;) See, I made this all about my divine chubby ass, forgive me, it's human nature.

UPDATE: Thanks to Gary @ Declarations for sharing yet another brilliant link to Keith Olberman's response of this "Clinton snaps" bullshit. I'm not certain how Olberman gets in my head and says what I'm thinking more eloquently than I ever could, it's freaky and I like it! Truth to power.

A textbook definition of cowardice by Keith Olberman [video and text]

Side note: Speaking of the audacity of hope, Senator Barack Obama will speak and sign copies of his new book The Audacity Of Hope at Benaroya Hall October 26th tickets are $5 and do not include the autographing party.