Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday's Folly

The best of the week right here, right now.

Having tea with Pakistan:

Blog Post of the week: The End Of Suffering by Tim Sanders (Mr. Motivation) ;)
Think about it, your greatest energy comes from your innate desire to end suffering. If you are bored, you find great energy to deal with that. If someone you care about needs something, you find it in yourself to give her your very best. This mission I suggest, the end of suffering, comes from your true nature as a compassionate being.

It is truly possible to unify our intentions and to align with others based on the mission we select in life. Currently, we have so many varied (and often selfish) missions that it is no wonder we think we are not like “them” and find ourselves largely divided.

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Word of the week: Crabtastical, not to be confused with Crabtestical, ew.

Tacky, tasteless and funny as hell:
Top Ten Chapters in Jim McGreevey's book by David Letterman