Saturday, September 30, 2006


Wicked's Seattle run is sold out, I've got a ticket with my name on it for the matinee today. I've waited years for this (hence the homage banner for my blog) !! Woo. And tomorrow is the last day of the Mariner's baseball season, sure they sucked ass this year, but not as "assy" as last year, so, it's been a good year for the M's... kind of. Have an excellent weekend, I will. Peace out!

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"Broadway's "Wicked," written by Winnie Holzman with a score by Stephen Schwartz, boils it down to a sweeter, more simplistic story of feisty girl power>"

No cute little London Bridges, ew, Or Humps (chick ass) ...just plain ol' girl power and that's the way I roll, baby. ;)